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    • Monday, December 01, 2014

      Promotion Depbon10

      Get EXTRA on your first deposit!



      How it works:

      • How it works: Make your first deposit and we will award you with extra credits!



      1. Applies to customer’s first deposit for Sportsbook and new account holders only. BD Stadia claimants Do Not qualify.

      2. This promotion is limited to a single redemption per household. SBOBET reserves the right to exclude any customers from this promotion where it detects applicants bearing the same name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, IP address, credit/charge card number, payment account ID, computer when registering on the website. 

      3. Register your account with an active deposit bonus promo code as shown on the Index of Promotion below.

      4. All non EUR account holders will be awarded the equivalent of their currency as per graph shown under the respective deposit bonuses promotion code.

      5. Your account will be automatically credited with the Bonus upon completion of a 10 times rollover of the qualifying deposit amount. The Bonus will be credited into your account on/after the third business day upon meeting the rollover requirement. Rollover requirement has to be met within 60 days of the activation of your account before withdrawals are permitted.

      6. If there are insufficient funds in the account, the customer may deposit further funds to meet the required rollover to qualify for the bonus amount. No bonuses however are given for these fresh deposits. Clause 7 will apply to any withdrawal requests where the minimum turnover requirement has not been met.

      7. Any request to cancel the bonus or withdraw funds prior to meeting the required rollover will result in the withdrawal of any Bonus and a 10% administrative fee levied on total net winnings of all qualifying bets indicated in clause 9.

      8. All funds and bonuses may be withdrawn three (3) business days after satisfying all the rollover conditions in clause 5.  

      9. Only Euro (1.50 and above) and HK (0.50 and above) Odds wagers on any Non-live sports market will count towards the rollover requirement. Cancelled, void, drawn bets or any bets placed under Malay Odds will not be counted towards the rollover requirement.

      10. SBOBET reserves the right to exclude any customers from this promotion at any time and to vary, amend, change and/or withdraw any bonus offers or promotions without providing any explanation whatsoever.

      11. These terms and conditions, as published in English from time to time, govern this contract. Translations into other languages are made as a service and are made in good faith. In the event of ambiguity between the English version and a translation, the English version prevails over any translation.

      12. General Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.

      Index of Promotion

      1. Promotion Code: DEPBON10
      Validity Period: 1st of December’ 2014 00:00 GMT +8 to 7th of January’ 2015 23:59 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% of your first deposit up to a maximum amount of EUR250
      Other Currencies:
      EUR = 250

      350.00 345.00 295.00 195.00 2,415.00 36,330.00 342,480.00 1,040.00 1,105.00 390.00 2,305.00 400.00 10,230.00 305.00 3,470.00

      2. Promotion Code: DEPBON9
      Validity Period: 1st of August’ 2014 00:00 GMT +8 to 30th of November’ 2014 23:59 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% of your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP150
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 150

      270.00 260.00 215.00 175.00 1,980.00 26,020.00 800.00 1,570.00 280.00 1,580.00 1,725.00 305.00 8,255.00 245.00 2,745.00

      3. Promotion Code: DEPBON8
      Validity Period: 1st of May’ 2014 00:00 GMT +8 to 31st of July’ 2014 23:59 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% off your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP200
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 200

      330.00 330.00 260.00 215.00 2,500.00 33,500.00 1000.00 1,980.00 360.00 2,000.00 2,100.00 400.00 10,000.00 310.00 3,200.00

      4. Promotion Code: DEPBON7
      Validity Period: 1st of January’ 2014 00:00 GMT +8 to 31st of April’ 2014 23:59 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% off your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP150
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 150

      265.00 250.00 210.00 170.00 1,800.00 24,000.00 750.00 1,400.00 290.00 1,400.00 1,500.00 300.00 7,500.00 235.00 2,400.00

      5. Promotion Code: As shown on Setanta Sports Channel
      Validity Period: 20th of December’ 2013 00:00 GMT +8 to 31st of January’ 2014 23:59 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% off your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP200
      Valid for the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 200

      330.00 320.00 280.00 220.00 2,450.00 31,000.00 1,000.00 1,900.00 370.00 1,900.00 2,050.00 390.00 10,100.00 300.00 3,100.00

      6. Promotion Code: DEPBON6
      Validity Period: 1st of December’ 2013 00:00 GMT +8 to 31st of December’ 2013 23:59 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% off your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP200
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 200

      330.00 320.00 280.00 220.00 2,450.00 31,000.00 1,000.00 1,900.00 370.00 1,900.00 2,050.00 390.00 10,100.00 300.00 3,100.00

      7. Promotion Code: DEPBON5
      Validity Period: 1st of August’ 2013 00:00 GMT +8 to 30th of November’ 2013 23:59 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% off your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP150
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 150

      240.00 250.00 240.00 170.00 1,760.00 22,600.00 720.00 1,800.00 300.00 1,350.00 1,800.00 280.00 7,000.00 225.00 1,800.00

      8. Promotion Code: DEPBON4
      Validity Period: 1st of June' 2013 00:00 GMT +8 to 31st of July' 2013 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% off your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP200
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 200

      300.00 310.00 230.00 2,350.00 31,200.00 910.00 1,850.00 370.00 9,000.00

      9. Promotion Code: MAXBONUS
      Validity Period: 10th of June' 2013 00:00 GMT +8 to 31st of July' 2013 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% off your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP200
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 200

      300.00 310.00 230.00 2,350.00 31,200.00 910.00 1,850.00 370.00 9,000.00

      10. Promotion Code: DEPBON3
      Validity Period: 1st of March' 2013 00:00 GMT +8 to 31st of May' 2013 23:59 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% off your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP150
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 150

      228.00 220.00 170.00 1,775.00 21,300.00 710.00 1,410.00 280.00 6,800.00

      11. Promotion Code: DEPBON2
      Validity Period: 1st of February' 2013 00:00 GMT +8 to 28th of February' 2013 23:59 GMT +8
      Promotion: Additional 15% off your first deposit up to a maximum amount of GBP200
      Other Currencies:
      GBP = 200

      320.00 300.00 240.00 2,490.00 28,600.00 960.00 2,000.00 390.00 9,670.00



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    • Wednesday, December 17, 2014

      PREDICTIONS : Liverpool vs Arsenal


      A clinical Manchester United hosted Liverpool at Old Trafford on Monday and claimed a 3-0 victory over Brendan Rodgers' side. Somehow, it looks like revenge for Manchester United from when Liverpool last visited their home...


      «Манчестер Юнайтед» хладнокровно «вручил» подопечным Брендана Роджерса поражение 3-0 на стадионе «Олд Траффорд», что весьма походило на месть Красных дьяволов за предыдущий визит ливерпульцев на их поле...

    • Wednesday, December 10, 2014

      PREDICTIONS : Manchester United vs Liverpool


      Last they met, Manchester United pocketed a 3-1 win over Liverpool FC. This will likely be the case again when Manchester United host the lowly side of Brendan Rodgers. Louis van Gaal is showing mastery on how to best use...

      В последней встрече клубов «Манчестер Юнайтед» торжествовал победу над «Ливерпулем» со счетом 3-1. Похоже, что ситуация может повториться и теперь, когда 14 декабря Красные дьяволы примут на...

    • Tuesday, December 02, 2014

      PREDICTIONS : Bayern Munchen vs Bayer Leverkusen


      Bayern Munchen continued their undefeated run by winning 1-0 against Hertha BSC last Saturday. Heading back home to Munich, Bayern takes on Bayer Leverkusen on December 7, 01:30 (GMT+8). Bayer Leverkusen have failed...

      バイエルン・ミュンヘンは先週土曜日にヘルタ BSCに1-0で勝利し、連勝した。ミュンヘンへ帰還しながら、バイエルンは12月7日1時30分(GMT+8)にバイエル・レバークーゼンと対峙する。バイエル...

      «Бавария» продолжила свою беспроигрышную полосу, одержав на прошлой неделе победу 0-1 над футбольным клубом «Герта». 7 декабря в 01:30 (GMT+8) баварцы возвратятся в родной ...

    • Thursday, November 27, 2014



      AS Roma are obviously the favourites to win against Inter Milan. AS Roma were able to maintain their momentum from last season’s campaign and now, they are sitting below Juventus with 3 points differentials. AS Roma have a fortress...


      «Рома» – очевидные фавориты на победу над миланским «Интером». Желто-красные сохранили стабильность в выступлениях еще с прошлого сезона, и теперь по праву занимают второе место в турнирной таблице после лидеров...

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    • Saturday, December 20, 2014

      Fork in the road

      martin-odegaard-smallIs Martin Ødegaard jeopardizing his future by joining a major European team in a major European league? The Norwegian phenom appears to be showing interest in joining a team in Bundesliga or the English Premier League...

    • A dangerous brew

      Corey Brewer leaving for the Houston Rockets is not the same as Rajon Rondo going to the Dallas Mavericks. Sure, the recent trade of guards certainly increased the potential of both Western Conference teams...

    • Friday, December 19, 2014

      Shifting gears

      The Dallas Mavericks entered the 2014-15 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) loaded with talents, with Dirk Nowitzki, Tyson Chandler, Chandler Parson and Monta Ellis forming a solid core. In the...

    • Fernando-Alonso-big-604
      Another go around

      Fernando-Alonso-small-107McLaren chose to open their gates to their returning prodigal son Fernando Alonso to join Jenson Button, picking the Spaniard over the talented albeit younger Kevin Magnussen. This was largely an open secret and...

    • Thursday, December 18, 2014

      Heroes and Zeros

      heroes-and-zeroes-smallA lot has happened in 2014 and it is fun to actually go back and praise the praise-worthy and discuss the things that are somewhat off-putting, hoping that it does not happen in 2015. First, let us salute the heroes! From the Germany...

    • liverpool-big
      Catching a break

      liverpool-smallWith all the troubles hounding English club Liverpool FC, winning over Football League Championship’s AFC Bournemouth to advance to the semi-finals of the League Cup is a much-needed (and much-deserved?)...

    • Wednesday, December 17, 2014

      Knee jerk reaction

      Fear the deer, they say. But now, the deer themselves are fearful, with sensational rookie forward Jabari Parker out for the season because of torn ACL. What a blow for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are enjoying one of their best starts...

    • loius-van-gaal-big2
      Van Gaal is not for vainglory

      loius-van-gaal-small2For Louis van Gaal, you are only a winner only if you have won. His very straight forward personality and no-nonsense approach to football is perhaps one of the reasons why he is loved and loathed at the same time. The goal is clear and...

    • Thailand face Malaysia in the 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup Final

      thailand-vs-malaysia-smallIt's a fight for the border in the championship match-up of the 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup tournament as title favourites Thailand reacquaint themselves with Malaysia, their rivals from their own draw back in the bracket battles of Group B...

    • Tuesday, December 16, 2014

      Munich before Berlin

      shaktar-donetsk-vs-bayern-munchen-smallThe last time Shakhtar Donetsk were on the throes of continental football glory, they had to overcome the challenge posed by a German squad, specifically Werder Bremen. The Miners would triumph in the 2009 final clash to...

    • End of Parisian blues?

      psg-uefa-smallOne of the teams hungry for a UEFA Champions League title is Paris Saint Germain. The French side’s attempts for the coveted European plum have been foiled time and again. Now, they're at it again, facing a familiar enemy...

    • Monday, December 15, 2014

      The Challenge

      If there is one thing you can expect Kobe Bryant to do, it is to compete, with all his heart and soul, with all he can and with all he has. He will compete against the opposing teams and against himself. He will compete against standing...

    • Shades of gray

      brendan-rodgers-smallBrendan Rodgers said that the Reds could've taken something from the Manchester United-Liverpool match which saw Liverpool dealt with a 3-0 away loss. Rodgers is correct. Actually, there are lots of things that they can take from this game...

    • This could be too much

      inter-milan-vs-lazio-smallAn apparent phase, a lapse, could be seen in Inter Milan's most recent records in their sheet in the Serie A table. They had their games with a scant number of wins and an overwhelming number of draws and loses which made...

    • The 11:11 luck for AC Milan

      as-roma-vs-ac-milan-smallEleven point-gap is not easy. It is a gap that needs power, perseverance, hard work and a pail of sweat or two. A gap that calls for many matches to be held. Eleven point-gap is the distance between the soon-to-face-off clubs in...

    • Southampton shouting S.O.S.

      southampton-vs-everton-smallSouthampton are going south, just like what most fans expected from them. But for good time's sake, let us talk about how good they were at the start of the season. After losing their first match to Liverpool, the club who...

    • Not relying on circumstances

      epl-liverpool-vs-arsenal-en-smallGlum faces are finally over for Arsenal once they travel at Anfield to avenge their last season’s 5-1 humiliating defeat against Liverpool. It was the very first time I've seen the whole Arsenal crowd become motionless on the said match...

    • Saturday, December 13, 2014

      Is it too late the hero for Aaron Ramsey?

      aaron-ramsey-smallAaron Ramsey has voiced out his sentiment regarding his return to form. That is nice, Aaron. The football world wishes that everyone is always on their tip top shape to give the competition top quality action...

    • Friday, December 12, 2014

      When number one becomes second

      buffon-casillas-smallItalian veteran international Gianluigi Buffon hit the nail in the head when he voiced his disagreement regarding the rotation of goalies in Real Madrid, and I agree with his point. Iker Casillas has been subjected to various...

    • That man Ryan

      hockey-smallIf you need that dramatic, picture-perfect move during a hero moment for the movie, it'd be best to make Bobby Ryan your consultant. He's got the moves and the smarts in using the ice, the stick and the puck to put together a beautiful...

    • Thursday, December 11, 2014

      Can Liverpool beat Manchester United at Old Trafford?

      epl-manchester-united-vs-liverpool-smallTwo bitter rivals will go toe-to-toe on the fabled grounds of Old Trafford as Liverpool FC pay Manchester United a visit on December 14 to rekindle one of the biggest rivalries in all of English football. It's always a special event whenever...

    • True value

      aheem-sterling-smallRaheem Sterling's name recently has been dragged in a money-related controversy. According to reports, the Kingston, Jamaica native apparently is unhappy with the upgrade in salary Liverpool is offering him - from his current...

    • Made for War

      aff-suzuki-cup-smallThe AFF Suzuki Cup is a battlefield, and the War Elephants have proven that they are made to survive - and even win - the tournament for the best in the region. Thailand men’s national football team winning over the Philippines...

    • Wednesday, December 10, 2014

      Improving his mindset

      luis-suarez-small2No one is questioning the talent of Luis Suarez. In fact, based on talent alone, Suarez is hands down one of the most innately talented football players there is today. One of the reasons why he keeps on attracting negative publicity...

    • Breaking Brooklyn

      It was because of the "Win Now" policy that the Brooklyn Nets assembled the best of the best that their money can get their hands on, wanting to be able to match up competitively versus East powerhouse teams like the Miami Heat...

    • When negativity turns positive

      ucl-bayern-munchen-vs-cska-moscow-smallIf one would ask me what is a negative trait that could bear positive results? I will answer, “desperation” - the state of being desperate, eager. Why? Simply because when one is desperate, one is motivated – and this motivation can...

    • Breaking Barca

      ucl-barcelona-vs-psg-smallBarcelona was an indubitable force in the field that carried great history which was managed and maintained up to the present day. But somehow, some of their performances indicate that they have gone through a glitch...

    • Roma, City vie for the last 16 spot

      ucl-as-roma-vs-manchester-city-smallOn December 11, 03:45(GMT+8), Manchester City and AS Roma will have their final group stage match in the Champions League. It'll be an interesting match to look forward to, certainly with both sides looking to go through the...

    • Are M’gladbach back in winning ways for real?

      bundesliga-bayer-leverkusen-vs-borussia-monchengladbach-smallAfter three straight slides, Borussia Monchengladbach are back on track with a 3-2 win over Hertha Berlin. It was a much needed victory for coach Lucien Favre's side. They lost to the likes of Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt, two clubs...

    • Edging for level of intensity

      epl-swansea-city-vs-tottenham-hotspur-smallTottenham Hotspur seem to be left out to rue being on the chopping block, the club starting the Premier League season with promise and yet ending up with a lacklustre form. While for Swansea, they may be sitting ahead of Tottenham...

    • The perfect timing

      epl-manchester-united-vs-liverpool-smallThe recent events of the English Premier League have sent out a message: Chelsea is losing their tight grasp for the title and the door to snatching the silverware has opened and paved in some light for the other clubs...

    • Consistency is the new norm

      epl-arsenal-vs-newcastle-united-smallUnpredictable. Uncertain. Unsure. Doubtful. The term unpredictable is always associated in football. The winner will surprise you. The team you rooted the most just failed and the team you never imagined that will step up stood up...

    • Red Devils re-awakened

      epl-manchester-united-smallAnd just like that, Manchester United is the third best team in the English Premier League. But for how long? Nobody knows for sure, and it isn't worth exploring. What is interesting is that all of a sudden the Red Devils are in a five-game...

    • The Knick's own Bermuda Triangle

      With the unimpressive showing of the New York Knicks despite the inclusion of new coach in Derek Fisher and new boss in Phil Jackson who are both successful under the triangle offense, critics are now wondering if the Knicks...

    • Tuesday, December 09, 2014

      Vietnam go for Suzuki Cup Final slot at home versus Malaysia

      The Vietnamese football team couldn't be in a better position right now in their campaign for a return trip to the final stage of the AFF Suzuki Cup tournament. After winning the AFF Championship back in 2008, Vietnam have a golden...

    • Barcelona host PSG for UEFA Champions League face-off

      UCL Two of the premier football teams in the planet will collide on December 11 as Spanish Primera Liga powerhouse FC Barcelona play hosts to Paris Saint Germain - the reigning and defending champions of French football's top flight - for what...

    • Can the Philippines survive another storm in Thailand?

      AFF Playing under the floodlights in front of a throng of Philippine football fans who braved the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila in spite of an impending super typhoon, the Philippine Azkals managed to withstand Thailand's frantic attacking...

    • Saturday, December 06, 2014

      Dangerous draw

      juventus-small2I think there is no reason for Juventus to panic, not just yet. A goalless draw with Fiorentina means a lot of things. First, it means that their winning streak has been cut to four. That's alright. They can always...

    • Power of Words

      loius-van-gaal-small2Finally, Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has finally spoken. It has come to a point where it borders on the ludicrous how each and every trade news is about Manchester United picking another high-cost player...

    • Friday, December 05, 2014

      Exit plan and the unhappy ones

      exit-plans-smallPeter Cech. Angel di Maria. Lukas Podolski. Ross McCormack. Gerard Pique. Is it just the upcoming trade window and the opportunity to make more money and a better playing situation, or are these guys have genuine...

    • Chelsea's chase

      chelsea-small2Chelsea are undefeated in the English Premier League after 11 matches, but somehow, it is difficult to buy in the idea that Chelsea can go all the way and win the title. Somehow, Chelsea's run this season does not...

    • Thursday, December 04, 2014

      The Aspas effect

      tigerwoods-smallIs it salt to the wound? An insult to the injured? Bad management decision? Poor scouting? Or just plain unlucky? I can't even begin to imagine how Liverpool FC must be feeling right now. Here they are, in the midst of a very...

    • Back in the woods

      tigerwoods-smallI don't know who is bolder and more optimistic - PGA veteran Steve Stricker or Tiger Woods. We haven't seen much from the 14-time major champion but recently he's hit the greens again in preparation for the...

    • Wednesday, December 03, 2014

      Signs of life

      After four straight defeats, is it safe to assume that Liverpool is finally showing signs of life with their back-to-back wins? The last time they had this feeling was in mid-October after a home win against West Bromwich Albion and an...

    • Voices of dissent

      liverpool-vs-leicester-city-bigThere they are again, the voice of dissent. It is funny how these voices are at their loudest when the team appears struggling. Where is the voice of dissent when FC Barcelona won five straight matches to start the La Liga season...

    • Tuesday, December 02, 2014

      Third wheel

      Manuel-Neuer-Cristiano-Ronaldo-Lionel-Messi-bigThere is one noticeable pattern in the top three finalists for the Ballon d'Or starting in 2011. It is always the Cristiano Ronaldo-Lionel Messi cha-cha, and making things uncomfortable is the presence of a third wheel...

    • The Butler

      And then the last should be the first. As if harkening to the words of old religious proverbial beliefs, Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler is proving that he is, most important of all, is the personification of...

    • Mancini confident to snatch first league win at Milano

      inter-milan-vs-udinese-smallA late brace from AS Roma midfielder Miralem Pjanic sent Inter Milan to 11th place in the Serie A table and gave Roberto Mancini his first defeat of the campaign. In his second spell and match at the club, Mancini...

    • Pirlo's Philosophy

      fiorentina-vs-juventus-smallJuventus always play to win. This are the exact words Juventus president Andrea Agnelli told the reporters in an interview. I couldn't agree more as records will show that Juve are the Serie A leaders this season. They play to win...

    • Almost is never enough

      hannover-96-vs-vfl-wolfsburg-smallHannover 96 were just sitting on the fifth spot of the Bundesliga table with the hopes that every game will only add to their sheet positively and the only way they will head will be upwards. But after facing TSG...

    • Will the real BVB please stand up?

      borussia-dortmund-vs-tsg-hoffenheim-smallAnybody saw Borussia Dortmund? I've been looking for them since the start of the 2014-15 Bundesliga season. They will show up from time to time but more often than not, they are invisible. It is just unusual because for the...

    • Same story for West Brom

      wba-vs-west-ham-united-smallTheir last meeting from last season didn't go well for West Ham United with manager Sam Allardyce dealing with the pressure of the club’s supporters. Allardyce’s side failed to equalise with the goal of West Bromwich Albion's Saido...

    • Spurs upbeat with their new methods

      chelsea-vs-tottenham-hotspur-smallThe Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur rivalry are said to be formed following the 1967 FA Cup Final, though in 2004, survey says that they are considered as one of the main rivals. But as the time passes by, do they still bring...

    • Play to win not to draw

      sunderland-vs-manchester-city-smallFootball fans were impressed with how Sunderland held off Chelsea into a draw last weekend. Chelsea are currently the league leaders and they haven't lost a single match this season. It was not a win for the Black Cats but with the...

    • David the Saviour!

      manchester-united-vs-stoke-city-smallManchester United are back on track. After spending some time at the mid table of the English Premier League standings, they are now in fourth place with 22 points. The English league's most successful club managed to string...

    • Saturday, November 29, 2014

      Bucking the trend

      Is it worth it? From the looks of it, yes, it is all worth it - the humiliation and shame, the attacks on Milwaukee Bucks basketball integrity and the accusations of tanking, the boos, the series of losses and the eventual...

    • Inspired Inter Milan

      Inter-Milan-versus-FC-Dnipro-smallDavide Astori perhaps best verbalized one of the most important shifts in the 2014-15 season of the Serie A, and that is the possible rejuvenation of Inter Milan.  “Certainly the change in coach gives them more motivation and an initial boost...

    • Friday, November 28, 2014

      Messing up the football landscape

      lionel-messi-small-newThere is one big link tying up the fates of English Premier League's Chelsea and Spanish La Liga's FC Barcelona. Chelsea need to win, and at the same time probably hoping that FC Barcelona crashed out of the contention, just as Barca could...

    • Mega game for the Megatron

      nfl-smallDetroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson, A.K.A Megatron, like his fictional namesake has come to life and has reared his evil head once again (towards and to the dismay of the opponents) to wreak havoc and give the Lions a fighting chance in the...

    • Thursday, November 27, 2014

      A view of the City

      manchester-city-team-smallWhen Manchester City finally won a match in the UEFA Champions League group stage after numerous futile efforts and time spent at the doldrums, I was wondering which of the two was it - is this City reigniting the fire and miraculously...

    • Threshold

      arsenal-vs-borussia-dortmund-smallArsenal FC - they are inside the knockout stages of the 2014-15 UEFA Champions League for 15th season in a row, placed in a precarious perch because they can just as easily experience a fifth straight Round of 16 exit...

    • Monday, November 24, 2014

      Fighting the good fight

      nfl-smallI always look at news as two different things: first, it is a genuine event, a real incident that just happened, something the public should know. Second, it is fabricated, meant to serve a purpose other than to inform...

    • Hail Hamilton

      Lewis-Hamilton-smallTo say that it was a good run was an understatement. And perhaps, it was for the better that the competition between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg had to be, at some degree, personal, because as anyone can see...

    • Picking the game up

      southampton-vs-manchester-city-smallManchester City have managed to decently climb up and out of the hole that they have been in the start of the season of the English Premier League. The Manchester club went on a series of ups and down in their spell thus far...

    • Why Manchester City won't win against Bayern

      manchester-city-vs-bayern-munchen-smallManchester City remain as one of the legit contenders in the English Premier League. They may have some down times in this early season but they are still in contention unlike other big spenders in the English football...

    • When the legendary ex-boss seeks revenge

      schalke-vs-chelsea-smallFor Chelsea and Schalke 04, playing in the UEFA Champions League for two consecutive seasons against one another was purely coincidental, until former Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo was appointed as the new...

    • Prediction as it is! History to repeat

      atletico-madrid-vs-olympiacos-smallOf course, Atletico Madrid will win! This might be usually the prediction of most football fans out there when they hear that Atletico are set to a match against Olympiacos for the Champions League on November 26, 20:45...

    • Hoping to rule out bowing out

      ucl-basel-vs-real-madrid-smallIt was a fortunate turn out of events after the host had a victory and slid past Liverpool and Ludogorets to sit on the second spot. Basel claimed a 4-0 win in their most recent fixture and took the perfect seat to prepare in facing...

    • Let your game do the talking

      tottenham-hotspur-vs-everton-smallShortly after Tottenham Hotspur's 2-1 road win over Hull City, match hero Christian Eriksen said that he was happy seeing Arsenal and Liverpool lose. He was the hero of that match and deserves every attention that he...

    • The Domino Effect

      liverpool-vs-stoke-city-smallStoke City are currently off to a slow start. And it's a bad thing if they want to win in the English Premier League. A slow start is equivalent to lack of focus, confidence, and aggressiveness which then can result to lack of goals...

    • Saturday, November 22, 2014

      Kings and fools

      franck-ribery-small2I am still an important player at Bayern." This was the sweeping declaration of Bayern Munchen attacker Franck Ribery. I remember a line from the television series Game of Thrones, the one said by Tywin Lannister. It goes like...

    • Spellbound

      emmanuel-adebayor-smallEmmanuel Adebayor has ventured in the realm of the dark arts. No, he hasn't tried weaving magic - if he can, he shouldn't be in this state right now, in poor form and mightily struggling which partially explains why Tottenham Hotspur...

    • Friday, November 21, 2014

      Ready to reclaim kingship

      nba-generic-smallThe last time Sacramento was part of the discussion in the National Basketball Association (NBA), the guys in violet and black included Chris Webber and Doug Christie. After that era, Sacramento just fell back, slid down...

    • Putting the Ballon d'Or in perspective

      xabi-cristiano-manuel-smallXabi Alonso is right. It would be hard for Manuel Neuer to win the Ballon d'Or versus Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, since a significant factor at play here is individual success. Not that Neuer is not successful at an individual...

    • Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg race for title in Abu Dhabi

      f1-abu-dhabi-grand-prix-smallIt all comes down to this, racing fans. With only 17 points separating Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg – the two cagey drivers from Mercedes Benz, the final race of the 2014 Formula One season in Abu Dhabi is shaping up to be an...

    • AFF Suzuki Cup Champions Singapore take on Thailand

      singapore-vs-thailand-smallIt's a return to familiar hunting grounds for the reigning Singaporean title holders of the coveted ASEAN crown as Singapore kicks off the title defence of the Cup against Thailand on November 23, looking to jumpstart their...

    • Malaysia begin their run for the Suzuki Cup against Myanmar

      malaysia-vs-myanmar-smallIt's a chance for redemption for Malaysia as they kickoff their campaign for the ASEAN Football Championship this year in the brand new 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup tournament on November 23. Their first assignment should be...

    • Tall order for Indonesia against Suzuki Cup hosts Vietnam

      vietnam-vs-indonesia-smallWe have an enticing match-up coming up that just might turn quickly into a rather one-sided affair as Vietnam, this year's co-hosts of the 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup tournament with Singapore, welcome the visiting contingent...

    • Philippines clash with Laos in AFF Suzuki Cup face-off

      philippines-vs-laos-smallThe best footballing nations of Southeast Asia will collide for another series of exciting contests on the pitch for a chance to win one of the most coveted trophies in the sport on this side of the world. And in case you didn't get that...

    • Thursday, November 20, 2014

      Angel and devils

      angel-di-maria-smallAngel Di Maria was touted as one of the best acquisitions of Louis van Gaal when he took the helm at Old Trafford. Now, van Gaal is singing a different tune, ready to part ways with the Argentine with the hopes of landing what news...

    • Not so super after all

      nigeria-national-team-smallThree very important things happened at the close of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualification - the first thing was the expulsion of Morocco after it stated its lack of willingness to host the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations, and second...

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