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    • Monday, July 28, 2014

      Daisuke Matsuzaka


      Sports : Baseball
      Team : New York Mets
      Playing position : Pitcher, Bats: Right
      Squad number : 16
      Birth Date : 9/13/1980 (34)
      Nationality : Japanese
      Estimated Market Value/Salary : 1.5M USD (2014)

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    • Thursday, July 31, 2014

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    • Monday, July 28, 2014

      PREDICTIONS : INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS CUP - Manchester City vs Liverpool


      Both Manchester City and Liverpool have won their opening game in ICC 2014 against their opponents AC Milan and Olympiacos, respectively. Going to the second game with high spirits, I'm tipping Manchester City to win against Liverpool...


      И «Манчестер Сити», и «Ливерпуль» выиграли первые матчи в рамках розыгрыша Международного кубка чемпионов 2014 против своих оппонентов из итальянского «Милана» и греческого «Олимпиакоса»...



      UEFA Champions League and the 2013 International Champions Cup. These are just some of the big titles Spanish team Real Madrid bring as they battle against the Italian side AS Roma. The recent defeat against Inter Milan is not a big...


      Победитель Лиги чемпионов УЕФА и триумфатор Международного кубка чемпионов прошлого года - вот кем является испанский клуб «Реал Мадрид», с которым предстоит встретиться...

    • PREDICTIONS : INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS CUP - Manchester United vs Inter Milan


      Louis van Gaal is putting his feet down and making sure everyone in the team followed the system he has put in place, and the response he got from the players help explain why Manchester United have been playing well recently. The Red Devils...


      Луи ван Гал решительно принялся за работу в качестве нового наставника «Манчестер Юнайтед» и контролирует выполнение каждым игроком определенных им правил. Результаты не заставили себя...

    • Friday, July 25, 2014

      Predictions : International Champions Cup - Real Madrid vs Inter Milan


      Real Madrid won the inaugural Guinness International Champions Cup in the summer of 2013, and looking on the featured teams this year, I'm tipping the game will pretty much end the same way. Set at Group A against Premier League's Manchester...


      Летом 2013 года «Реал Мадрид» завоевал победу в первом розыгрыше Международного кубка чемпионов Guinness. Рассматривая участников турнира в текущем году, я прогнозирую аналогичный исход...

    • Thursday, July 24, 2014

      Predictions : International Champions Cup - Manchester United vs AS Roma


      I'm rooting for Manchester United to win, despite their poor run at the Premier League last season this will not define them, as the club finally has Louis van Gaal, a true master tactician. Van Gaal has given his assurance that his plans will work accordingly...


      Я делаю ставку на победу «Манчестер Юнайтед», несмотря на их довольно слабый результат в прошлом сезоне Премьер-лиги – не это станет решающим моментом, а то, что у клуба наконец появился новый...

    • Predictions : International Champions Cup - AC Milan vs Olympiacos


      Olympiacos may be the leader in their own league but you just can't deny that AC Milan are a much better squad. AC Milan may have missed the opportunities from last year’s campaign, but looking at their records they are ideally the team who can play for...


      Хоть «Олимпиакос» и является лидером своей домашней лиги, никто не станет отрицать того факта, что «Милан» – гораздо более сильная команда. Справедливости ради стоит отметить, что в прошлом сезоне...

    • Friday, July 11, 2014



      Germany hammered home favourites Brazil in their semi-final clash that led to a whopping 1-7 score-line. The German's glorious victory, for me, is not a testament that they are unstoppable. Yes, they are a cohesive unit - doing crisp, almost perfect passing ...


      Сборная Германии одержала победу над хозяевами турнира и наиболее очевидными фаворитами на победу в ЧМ-2014 Бразилией с разгромным счетом 1-7. Но эта блистательная победа не является для...

    • Thursday, July 10, 2014



      Caught in the situation where Brazil and Netherlands have nothing to lose and only pride to gain, both teams are expected to play aggressively and will unlikely go for the conservative-defensive approach. With Neymar ruled out in this...


      Я ожидаю агрессивной игры от обеих команд, ведь они оказались в такой ситуации, когда им нечего терять, можно лишь вернуть чувство собственного достоинства, поэтому вряд ли какая-то их этих...

    • Monday, July 07, 2014



      An early goal by Gonzalo Higuain in the first half against Belgium was enough to send Argentina through the World Cup semi-finals. Sad news though, the Argentinians will be without Angel di Maria in the heart of their midfield against...


      Раннего гола в исполнении Гонсало Игуаина стало вполне достаточно, чтобы гарантировать сборной Аргентины место в полуфинале чемпионата мира. Однако, к сожалению, в Сан-Паулу в матче против...

    • Friday, July 04, 2014



      The matches are quickly narrowing down and the best of the best are the only ones left. Prior to this Brazil-Germany duel, both have high hopes to win in the World Cup. Brazil will have to squeeze everything out from the team now that...


      Количество оставшихся матчей быстро уменьшается, борьбу теперь ведут только лучшие из лучших. Накануне схватки Бразилия – Германия обе сборные испытывают большие надежды на победу на чемпионате...

    • Wednesday, July 02, 2014



      Netherlands have advanced to the quarter finals via a 2-1 win against Mexico. An equaliser came from Netherlands in the last few minutes of the game and a winning goal during stoppage time. Indeed, Netherlands robbed...


      Нидерландская сборная вышла в четвертьфинал в результате одержанной над Мексикой победы 2-1. Нидерландцы сравняли счет на последних минутах основного времени игры и второй, победный гол забили...

    • Monday, June 30, 2014



      Colombia are through to the World Cup quarterfinals following an impressive 2-0 win over the Luis Suarez-less Uruguay. Two goals by James Rodriguez set-up a Colombia-Brazil tie in the last 8 of the tournament on July 5...


      Колумбия прошла в стадию четвертьфинала чемпионата мира 2014 благодаря впечатляющей победе 2-0 над сборной Уругвая, игравшей без Луиса Суареса. Итак, два мяча, забитые Хамесом...



      Argentina topped Group F following a full sweep although their performance seems to be unimpressive despite their win against mediocre teams such as Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran...


      Сборная Аргентины возглавила Группу F, выиграв все три матча группового этапа, хотя и не впечатлила своим выступлением против команд среднего звена, Боснии и Герцеговины и Ирана...

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    • Monday, July 28, 2014

      Next episode for Seahawks and Lynch

      nfl-smallNegotiations are all about bargaining power. Marshawn Lynch knows his market value, and he could use it to demand for a better compensation. He should, especially after the new deals inked by teammates Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas...

    • Daniel-Ricciardo-big
      Slippery Roads

      Daniel-RicciardoAmidst the slippery road, the rain, the crashes and the upturned strategies in the very wet 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix, driver Daniel Ricciardo climbing the top podium spot has proven one thing: the race is still exciting, after all, and the top honours...

    • serena-williams-big
      The ability to live up to expectations

      serena-williams-smallTennis fans have something to raise their glasses to as the longest-running women’s professional tennis is once again set to embark on a journey of hard-hitting tennis action for the West Bank Classic at Stanford Taube Tennis Center. It is will be starred by...

    • psg-vs-guingamp-big
      PSG set to replicate previous successes starting with France Super Cup

      psg-vs-guingamp-smallThe France Super Cup marks the beginning of a new French football season. The 19th edition of the Trophee des Champions will take place on a neutral ground and will be played at Workers Stadium in Beijing, China...

    • manchester-city-vs-liverpool-big
      Could the Blues and the Reds break even?

      manchester-city-vs-liverpool-smallThe International Champions Cup 2014 match on July 31, 07:00 (GMT+8) at the Yankee Stadium between Manchester City and Liverpool seems like an ultimate English Premier League battle between the current English Premier League champion Man City...

    • man-united-vs-inter-milan-big
      Manchester United can prove Vidic wrong

      man-united-vs-inter-milan-smallManchester United have proven their comeback as their pre-season games so far ended up with a two victories. This was also the time when Louis van Gaal has debuted his first game and made an impact, that he is not only for a national team...

    • real-madrid-vs-as-roma-big
      The pressure of wearing the crown

      real-madrid-vs-as-roma-smallThe seventh match of the International Champions Cup will feature AS Roma and the tournament's defending champions Real Madrid. Undoubtedly, this will be one of the most anticipated matches in the ICC. Not only are the team's fans excited, even a representative...

    • kashiwa-reysol-vs-kawasaki-frontale-big
      Okubo: Keeping Kawasaki's flame burning

      kashiwa-reysol-vs-kawasaki-frontale-smallKawasaki Frontale, by the looks of things, seem ready to reclaim the title they once owned. After 17 game weeks, Kawasaki are currently in third spot with 10 wins, 4 draws, and three losses, just two points behind league leaders Urawa Reds. Yes, it is true that it is still too...

    • Vissel Kobe eye three-peat vs Urawa Reds

      urawa-red-diamonds-vs-vissel-kobe-smallThe Urawa Red Diamonds saw their eight-game win streak come to an end as Kashima Antlers held them to a 1-1 draw at their own turf on Sunday. It was also their first conceded goal after seven games. Playing at Saitama again before traveling on...

    • Little Falkenberg ready to defend home turf against Swedish giants Malmo

      falkenberg-vs-malmo-smallAs surprising as it sounds, league newcomers Falkenberg are having a great run in the Swedish Allsvenskan by simply looking at their July fixtures. They managed a draw in two games - against Halmstad (1-1) and Mjällby (1-1), and managed...

    • Norrkoping, Häcken looking to boost table position

      norrkoping-vs-bk-hacken-smallBoth teams were secured in 2013. On that year, you could see the potential of IFK Norrkoping, especially after a very dominant win like the 6-1 demolition of Syrianska FC. BK Häcken, on the other hand, were one of the title favourites after a remarkable...

    • Houston we have a problem

      What is it with big mouths and bigger egos in Houston? Where is the Houston Rockets of old, when players are tough but classy, talented as they are true gentlemen as well? Where are the Charles Barkley and Hakeem Olajuwon and

    • The evils of hype

      The signing of Freddy Adu with Serbian club FK Jagodina generates mixed reactions. The initial response to this news is of course of elation. Everyone who loves Adu and who believes in his talent and his being deserving...

    • Saturday, July 26, 2014

      Standing United

      Manchester-united-small-01Good news for Manchester United fans - it looks like the Red Devils have started on the right foot and the new manager Louis van Gaal was the first to admit that he was impressed by how the players are responding to the program...

    • The face of pressure

      david-ospina-smallA lot can be said about the possible signing of David Ospina at Arsenal. You can run up the comparative stats and convince yourself that Ospina is a better player over Arsenal starting keeper Wojciech Szczesny, or you could find reasons...

    • Friday, July 25, 2014

      Impressive start

      manchester-united-vs-la-galaxy-smallLouis van Gaal made sure he lived up to the expectations of the fans by orchestrating a 7-0 trouncing of the LA Galaxy in a recent friendly. Yes, I am among those who would caution against premature celebration...

    • Smokescreen

      patrick-vieira-smallThe longer Manchester City EDS coach Patrick Vieira withholds information as to what really transpired during the game versus HNK Rijeka leading to Manchester City's U21 team abandoning the game, the more he puts the issue...

    • Cerezo Osaka and Sagan Tosu switch places

      cerezo-osaka-vs-sagan-tosu-smallInconsistent could be the best way to describe Cerezo Osaka. They may have been experiencing not-so-good a campaign for this year. It may look and sound cliché that last year they were able to qualify for the 2014 AFC...

    • A battle of top half teams

      kalmar-vs-malmo-smallIn this clash between Malmo and Kalmar, it is highly anticipated that this match may also end in a draw after their last meeting ended in one, although it is not wise to predict based with just that one match alone...

    • Can Lewis Hamilton break Schumi's Hungarian record?

      Lewis-Hamilton-smallLewis Hamilton's achievements are far from what Michael Schumacher's, that's a fact. The English racer, however, can do something to surpass the great German Formula One driver in just one level. At the Hungarian Grand Prix...

    • Wednesday, July 23, 2014

      Messi-ng with your head

      lionel-messi-argentina-bigSo Lionel Messi actually considered moving from La Liga's FC Barcelona to English Premier League's Arsenal FC? Well, that was the gist of some of the reports surfacing right now and (1) I find it odd why such a big move - however far off...

    • Main man Rudi

      rudi-garcia-smallWhat I like about AS Roma is their manager, Rudi Garcia. And what I like about Garcia is his values, which greatly influenced the culture in AS Roma, and propelled the squad to a runner up finish behind powerhouse Juventus last season...

    • Tuesday, July 22, 2014

      The Real deal

      james-rodriguez-smallThere is no masking it. Real Madrid felt the shame and embarrassment after allowing rival Atletico Madrid to win the 2013-14 La Liga title. Now, they are out for vengeance, and out for new blood, apparently. The football transfer window...

    • Shakedown in the standings

      germany-national-team-smallIt was a foregone conclusion that Germany would become world number one once the new FIFA ranking is released. They were at number two pre-World Cup, and their dominance in the quadrennial event vis-a-vis the early exit of former world number...

    • Monday, July 21, 2014

      The Third Wheel

      Valtteri-Bottas-smallThe continued dominance of the one-two punch that is Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton has somewhat made the Formula One taste stale, the duo cornering almost every podium finish in this year's F1...

    • Wiggins over Love

      nba-trophy-smallThere is a thin line separating the wise and the reckless. It is wise for the Cleveland Cavaliers that they tried to lure - and eventually won - LeBron James back to wearing the gold...

    • Häcken could feature new signing in Djurgarden match

      bk-hacken-vs-djugarden-smallRumour has it that SWAG Premiership Player of the Year 2014 Augustine Okrah will soon join Swedish side BK Häcken on loan. The Bechem United striker is set to travel to Sweden this week...

    • Can Cup holders Sanfrecce Hiroshima recover from the slump?

      sanfrecce-hiroshima-vs-kashiwa-reysol-smallSaturday, just another bad day for the Japanese champions Sanfrecce Hiroshima as they let a three-goal lead evaporate. The game ended in a 3-3 draw against J-League struggler Omiya Ardija...

    • Will the fourth stay or the fifth take over?

      elfsborg-vs-norrkoping-smallTwelve national championship titles and six national cup titles compared to six national championship titles and three national cups - which is obviously better? Or which is obviously predictable to win...

    • Saturday, July 19, 2014

      Out for the season

      baseball-smallIt is not easy to say whether or not CC Sabathia's absence for the rest of the 2014 Major League Baseball (MLB) season is a good or bad thing for the New York Yankees. The pitcher, acquired by New York in 2009...

    • Is Liverpool setting a key cornerstone in Divock Origi?

      Divock-Origi-smallLuis Suarez exiting English Premier League for the La Liga by joining famed squad FC Barcelona is a big news, but an even bigger story is the talk about a youngster named Divock Origi replacing the void Suarez...

    • Friday, July 18, 2014


      arturo-vidal-chile-bigIn retrospect, the sudden, unexpected and shocking drop in form of Manchester United can be because of a lot of things - David Moyes, player injuries, the lack of cohesion, the absence of respect among players and coaching staff, the financial restraints...

    • Cleansing the bad aftertaste

      mario-balotelli-smallFor a lot of players, the International Champions Cup is a welcome sight, if only to help balm the wounds created by the failures from the recently concluded 2014 FIFA World Cup. Many national team players who were in Brazil have returned...

    • Tuesday, July 15, 2014

      Kalmar face stern test against overachievers Malmo

      kalmar-vs-malmo-smallMalmo are having a great first half season run being in top position in the Sweden Allsvenskan with 33 points, leaving AIK in second and 5 points behind. The 20-time Allsvenskan champions started strong, winning their first four matches...

    • Mjallby looking for improvement, to face IFK Goteborg

      ifk-goteborg-vs-mjallby-smallIn the past year, IFK Goteborg and Mjällby already faced twice in the Allsvenskan. In those two matches, victories were equal as they were both able to snatch a win. But it is apparent that IFK Goteborg got it better with regards...

    • Falkenberg starting to create an impression

      falkenberg-vs-aik-solna-smallFalkenberg and AIK Solna may have only a number of meetings but we shouldn't take this one as an assumption on how they will collide for Sweden Allsvenskan. Though AIK Solna may have a good record for now, we can see how Falkenberg...

    • World Cup final postscript

      germany-world-cup-champion-smallThere is something bigger besides Germany and Argentina fighting for the 2014 World Cup title. This match would galvanize a new rivalry between La Albiceleste and Die Adler. The two sides met in the final for the third time...

    • Cleaved land

      nba-trophy-smallThe basketball world was shocked by the announcement of LeBron James to return to the place he calls 'home' and don the gold and maroon again, this after the still-infamous ‘The Decision’ four years ago...

    • Monday, July 14, 2014

      Messi missed

      lionel-messi-lose-to-england-smallWithout a doubt, Lionel Messi, the talisman, the playmaker, the scorer even in the direst of situations in the past, was severely missed by Argentina when they played for - and lost - the 2014 FIFA World Cup title..

    • New Super Mario

      mario-goetz-germany-bigWith the game, the title, and history on the line, one of the smallest guys in probably one of the tallest teams in the 2014 FIFA World Cup made the biggest play of his football career to give Germany a 1-0 lead...

    • Saturday, July 12, 2014

      Golden boy for the Golden Ball

      golden-bootThe 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil has officially made public the top 10 names being considered for the prestigious Golden Ball award presented to the most...

    • Accounting for what was lost

      world-cup-logoThis is the downside of staging the biggest and most important footballing tournament in the world. Teams lose, and sometimes, not everyone knows how to handle...

    • Friday, July 11, 2014

      Counting their blessings

      neymar-brazil-big-1By now, I think the huge wave of depression and disappointment that has engulfed Brazil as a nation following their ouster from the 2014 FIFA World Cup has subsided. Eyes, swollen still maybe, are most probably dry now...

    • Awaiting the World Cup's new champion

      Andre-Schuerrle-smallGermany's mission is not yet complete. They know that burying Brazil was a three-pronged feat: first, they cleansed the German psyche of the nightmare that has haunted them after failing in their most recent World Cup...

    • Thursday, July 10, 2014


      messi-argentina-smallOf all the teams in the 2014 FIFA World Cup with a marquee player in the fold –the eliminated and the two surviving squads set to jostle for the title alike - Argentina earn the distinction of being the team who are just 'getting by...

    • Failed again

      van-gaal-smallArgentina know how to break Netherlands' heart. And because of that, Netherlands have been conscious and guarded. In 1978, the host Argentina made it to the finals. Opposite them were Netherlands. Netherlands, at the time...

    • Wednesday, July 09, 2014


      argentina-vs-netherlands-smallThirty two contenders, one victor for title glory. On this day, only four were left. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is down to its last four teams who all get an even chance to win the coveted world champions crown: Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina...

    • Bye, Brazil

      Dejected-Brazil-players-smallGermany showed the world a little lesson in physics. To stop something that is moving forward bearing a strong force, what is needed is a stronger force enough to withstand such power and momentum. Germany was that strong force...

    • The Great Estadio Mineirao Tragedy of 2014

      Andre-Schuerrle-smallMasterful. Excellent. Rousing. Commendable. Historic. Supreme. Awesome. And then there's embarrassing. Humiliating. Unacceptable. Outclassed. When the knockout rounds of the 2014 FIFA World Cup began, we expected that...

    • Tuesday, July 08, 2014


      brazil-vs-germany-smallBrazil will be burdened with immense anxiety heading to their match against Germany in the World Cup semi-final. It has been known that they were sailing in all their games with so much pressure – they were poured...

    • Unleashing Brazil's 'secret weapon'

      Miroslav-klose-smallYou got to love the 2014 FIFA World Cup lull, because once the spotlight is away from the action in the turf, it is only then that you get to see the funny, light and even weird side of this big football spectacle...

    • Monday, July 07, 2014

      Reaping the benefits

      DeAndre-Yedlin-smallThe concept of winning or losing in the 2014 World Cup, to some extent, becomes fluid. Yes, a lot of teams lost matches and in the end, only one team will be the true, certified winner, and that is the one holding the trophy...

    • Learning an important lesson

      Ian-Holloway-smallAfter his team was unceremoniously eliminated from the 2014 FIFA World Cup even before the group stage was concluded, England manager Ian Holloway made an interesting comment recently, saying that the English football team...

    • Sunday, July 06, 2014

      Big boys at the big dance

      neymar-injured-smallSo it's been settled. After days of interesting and oftentimes surprising turn of events, the top four teams vying for the two final slots are named: host country Brazil, 2010 runners-up Netherlands, Germany and Argentina...

    • A Krul twist

      tim-kurl-smallIt was sublime, something that could've escaped anyone's attention. It wouldn't have been present in scouting reports. I doubt it if there was anyone from Costa Rica - player or part of the coaching staff - who could have...

    • Saturday, July 05, 2014


      netherlands-vs-costa-ricaNetherlands and Costa Rica have landed safely to the quarter-finals, however, the nearer the World Cup final comes the tougher it gets and this is what we have witnessed before they were booked for the next round. Netherlands have battled and survived Mexico in the last 16 with a late win, with Louis van Gaal having to make a crucial switch to plan B..

    • WC2014 QUARTER FINALS - Argentina vs Belgium

      argentina-vs-belgium-smallWe are aware that Argentina are one of the heavy favourites to win the World Cup 2014, however, this team is facing a crucial juncture. Alejandro Sabella’s side tried to sparkle during their...

    • Au revoir and viva la France

      Au-revoir-and-viva-la-France-smallLosing to Germany is a bittersweet pill that France should swallow. And just like in any other defeats, just like in any other moments where the pursuit has ended, this is a time for reflection for France and its fans, and...

    • Friday, July 04, 2014

      WC2014 QUARTER FINALS - Germany vs France

      germany-vs-france-smallFrance and Germany have booked themselves a spot in the quarter-final after their hard-fought battles against Nigeria and Algeria respectively. It's going to be a long and bumpy road for both...

    • WC2014 QUARTER FINALS - Brazil vs Colombia

      brazil-vs-colombia-smallIn the entire 2014 World Cup campaign of Brazil, they managed to both upset and uplift the fans. Getting through the group stages and the round of 16 they played both the role of the hero...

    • Ghost of quarter-finals past

      brazil-nation-teamThe respite is usually a perfect time for players to rest and recuperate, for managers to study the opposition, deliberate with their staff and tighten the tactics. This is a welcome break, but sometimes, this also could backfire, especially for...

    • An uncomfortable shift

      brazil-nation-teamPrior to setting a quarterfinals showdown with host country Brazil, Colombia and James Rodriguez are doing good, primarily because they are free from the burden of pressure being a team that not many serious pundits and bettors pegged to win; at least not this much...

    • Wednesday, July 02, 2014

      The Mighty Tim Howard

      tim-howard-smallIt starts with just one man. Everything big starts with just one man. Revolutions. Ideas. Upheavals. Moments that changed the world. Ideas that changed men. It all started with just one man. And for the United States men's national football team...

    • The European imperative

      France-Karim-Benzema-smallAs the 2014 FIFA World Cup prepares for the quarterfinals and despite the individualistic agenda of surviving European teams Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, there is an unfinished business...

    • Tuesday, July 01, 2014


      belgium-vs-usa-smallIf the United States of America had to brag about something related to their 2014 World Cup campaign, it would be them unyielding to the pressure and the odds, and their willingness to give...


      argentina-vs-switzerland-smallSwitzerland landing on the second spot of Group E means they would battle against Argentina in the Round of 16. Argentina, a known favourite and a top peg to win the World Cup, sailed impressively...

    • Pride of Africa

      vincent-enyeamaNigeria and Algeria were both ousted on the same day but looking at their performances in the 2014 World Cup, this collective defeat is but a minute detail of an otherwise laudable performance. In toto, Nigeria and Algeria in the end still...

    • When dreams end and begin

      michael-umanaTheir victories are material for fairy tale runs, and their most recent win came to them as if in a dream – or maybe it is. At least that was what Costa Rica goalkeeper Michael Umaña said...

    • Scoring dip is latest World Cup trend

      germany-vs-algeriaIt's either the defense is getting tighter because the teams playing in the knockout rounds are the best from the 32-team field, or the fatigue, wear and tear and the trying weather are finally getting the best of the...

    • Monday, June 30, 2014

      Robbed by Robben

      arjen-robbenLove him or hate him, but Arjen Robben got the job done for Netherlands. I mean, I am not the one to support diving in football because it makes winning look cheap, but I think even if we fault...

    • WC2014 ROUND OF 16 - France vs Nigeria

      france-vs-nigeria-smallFrance and Nigeria are set to battle it out in the Round of 16, and despite their own low points in their games in the group stage, the teams plan only on making an uphill climb in the games to follow, making sure they are fully-equipped...


      germany-vs-algeria-smallGermany started their World Cup campaign in a fierce fashion, crushing Portugal with a 4-0 hammer strike, leaving a strong, definitive message: game on. But they weren’t as fierce when they met with...

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