Sport on stamps

With a consistent expansion of new issues, creating a globally Thematic collection, particularly on a subject as popular as SPORT, can be a little excessive to take on!

Ever since the very first Greek Olympic Games set, provided in 1896, collectors have been bewitched by showing off endeavours on stamps. Obviously, one means to limit the extent of a collection is by selecting geographical boundaries. World Mug High Temperature

Back in 1908 the terrific Irish patriot Michael Collins knocked football as well as cricket as ‘garrison games’ fostered by the British to weaken Irish society. He has to have been rotating in his tomb when Irish football burst on the world scene in the 1990s under the passionate management of Jack Charlton, among England’s heroes of the 1966 World Cup last. Odd male out (fairly literally) is Roy Keane, one of the most flexible mid-fielders in soccer ever before, but went down from the nationwide team on the very eve of the Japan-Korea matches in a bust-up with group supervisor Mick McCarthy that struck the world’s headings.