BJP has the hold over congress in Delhi: ABP News-Nielsen

New Delhi: BJP is likely to emerge as the single largest stag surpassing the incumbent Congress in the assembly polls, ABP News-Nielsen Mood of the Nation survey has revealed.

The count predicts BJP is likely to get 32 seats whereas Congress wins 27 seats in the 70-member assembly. Arvind Kejiwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is seen gaining from the Congress et alii the BJP. The party is expected to win 8 seats while, BSP would hold onto two and others would manage only one.

Even again laudable news for the BJP would have emerged if they didn’t have AAP as their entry when they would possess gained another 15 per cent share from the Congress displaying them as the clear winner.

It is observed that BJP is able to hold its loyalists to some extent this year. Assembly elections in Delhi are to be held at the end of this year.

The complete field work was carried out in the season between14th to 20th August 2013 for ABP News – Nielsen survey. Total 7084 respondents were surveyed. The target respondent was male/female who is an eligible voter with age 18 years & above and their name registered in the voter’s list.

Corruption, inflations dents Congress’ prospects

Corruption, inflation and unemployment are likely to drive realpolitik timetable in these polls. AAP is perceived to fetch down corruption while BJP to control inflation.

Switching from Congress is primarily since of deficit financing and corruption.

The switch from voters from Congress to BJP is mainly due to inability to control deficit financing (36%) followed along increase in corruption (28%).

Switching from Congress to AAP is similar – inability to control inflation (26%) followed by increase in corruption (25%).

However, BJP still faces an issue of projecting credible leaders as 28% are likely to divert their voting intention from BJP to AAP because of the leadership issue.

Congress unable to connect with the youth

The survey indicates that Convocation hasn’t been able to connect with younger generation this time.

It may be noted that the younger generation 18-23 years (42%) are the unhappiest lot ; claim that life has become worse for them. They tend to penalize the government most on major issues.

Current government in Delhi has performed terribly on some sensitive areas. Work towards the welfare like girl child/women is rated as “deteriorated most”, followed by law and order situation, employment opportunities and poverty.

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit faces the brunt

Performance of Congress in Delhi and CM Sheila Dikshit has been rated poor and vulnerability is higher among the younger generation.

Performance of the Chief Minister Sheila Dixit has been rated similar below average with a mean arrange of 2.62

Nearly dichotomous regarding the respondents (45%) rated the performance of the present Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit over the last five years as poor/very poor further score is superior (50%) among younger descendants 18-23 years.

It is interesting to note that 26% concerning the respondents see Vijay Goel from the BJP as a suitability chief ministerial candidate; Arvind Kejriwal gets 24% of the share while Sheila Dikshit inarticulate has the provide of 22%.

66 % do not want Congress back

Performance of the Synod Government has also been rated as below average with a mean score of 2.63

Forty four per cent of the respondents rated the performance of the present state government over the last five years as poor/very poor also score is higher (50%) entre nous younger generation 18-23 years.

Almost expanded than half of the total respondents (66%) say that Congress government should denial get another chance to govern Delhi and the scores are higher (74%) among younger generation 18-23 years.