Summer’s here, and while that’s good news for our tans, it’s not such good news for our hair. With these hairstyles, though, you can keep hair styling

Summer’s here, and during that’s good news for our tans, it’s not such good news for our hair. With these hairstyles, though, you can keep comose styling to a minimum, and help protect your hair from the effects of too much heat.

The plait
Nice and easy, this school-girl staple is growing awake a bit this summer. It’s plurality for keeping hair securely out of the way on scorching summer days and, comme il faut crinosity can be plaited whilst its still wet, it completely side-steps that torturous blow-dry-and-straighten routine. Plaits can also be worn loosely on the collocate of the head for a cool, Boho up-to-date inspired look: simply pin back part unruly strands with bobby pins, also you’re good to go.

The top-knot
This is one of those classic hairstyles that looks really tricky to do, but is indeed really simple. It’s extra one that can verbreken done while the hair’s yet wet, meaning that it too is a means of avoiding the dreaded hair-styling. To achieve the look, all you need is a camouflaged hair donut. Hair donuts (if you don’t already know) are available in most hair-shops, and come in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours. To begin, then, you exigency to collection all your hair together, and tie in a ponytail. Then, get the donut and ease the hair through the centre of it until the donut is covering the bobble. Next, tip your head forward and spread your hair out so that it’s covering the donut evenly (at this point, remarkable of your hair should be over your face). Now, grab the capillaceous that’s covering the donut and guaranty with a bobble, before launch to pull the remaining hair tightly around the donut so that it can’t be seen. Finally, then, pin the ends in place around the donut, and again step recede and admire your handiwork!

The half-up, half-down do
This look is a favourite of Kate Middleton’s, and is really easy to replicate. Pulse at the left side of your head and grab a small section of hairy from just above your ear. Then, screw it in a clockwise direction, et al pull towards the back of your head. Grasp it firmly with your left hand while, with your right hand, you find a section from the right side from your head, and twist in a counter clockwise direction towards the back of the head. When that’s done, put both strands in your left hand, and tie quickly with a bobble (or you could clip it with a cute pin). Considering how simple it is to do, this look is surprisingly elegant, and gets rid of annoying bangs on hot summer days.

The wrap-around pony
Sometimes, when it gets really hot, we succumb to the pressures of the heat, and shove our hair up into a scruffy ponytail; this year, though, we can infuse the ponytail with a bit of style by recreating the wrap-around pony. Simply collect hair together (it doesn’t have to be neatly), and tie with a bobble. Then, collect a section from either juxtapose of the pony further wrap it around the bobble at the top until it’s intensively covered. Finally, grab the ends and secure them either through tucking them into the bobble or, if that’s proving a dab too tricky, secure it under with bobby pins.