State news from IT sector dominant states

The Karnataka state is blessed with beautiful cities and one of them is Bangalore which is well known as ‘garden city’ and famous for and its climate dissociated from the wonder people who are homely. Now that was the century few years ago, but the latest Bangalore tidings is not as such. With the advent of people from all over the country as it is the IT Hub regarding India, it has doomed its beauty. Moreover we can say over-crowded city is unable to manage on its scarce resources. In view of sudden changes in the last decade, town planners have failed to perceive this polysyndeton thereby chaos in traffic, housing and disorderly skyscrapers, buildings with violations in terms of protection et sequens security is taking its toll. To protect the environment, steps should be taken to plant more trees, save lakes connective avoid pollution.

Besides Bangalore, Chennai is the second IT Hub of India because of its large number like IT companies’ setups and offices opened up. The reason for the latest Chennai news and rise regarding Chennai in the auto sector is its proximity to the port, friendly government policies and abundance of qualified manpower plus proficiency in English. The city is at times termed Detroit of India, if not Asia. The targeted countries are from the home continent where Buddhism has flourished. To name few, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and also added East Asian nations are in view. The tourism agency expressed his thought of making Kolkata the ‘gateway’ for people who would like to follow the footsteps like Lord Buddha on these pious lands. To add cheery to this fabulous plan luxury conditioned bus services may also be provided for easy commuting to such places.

The latest Kolkata news came as bliss for Buddhists as well equal many others when the government of Bengal and the tourism department of the state declared to launch a ‘Buddhist Pilgrim’ tour programmer. The tourism department of the state sought to help pilgrims in their tour to the realty where Lord Buddha attained enlightment. It is about the foreign travelers’ code of the Bengal state that has impressed many countries in Asia. So much impact this new plan of Buddhist Pilgrim Tour had on the railway minister that he is looking ci-devant to detail a special train for the trip which will run in country of West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odessa and Jharkhand.