Entertainment News Is Like a Drug

When I was younger, I used to sit in the kitchen with my grandmother and watch ‘Entertainment Tonight’ – I could not wait to get the latest diverting report from them. The unparalleled difficulty was that you had to wait a en masse day just for them to come on, so that seemed like a lifetime back then, but now I am able to timber onto my phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and get the latest headlines in a minute, so that lets you know just how times have changed immensely.

Admittedly, entertainment news draws me into a world that I sometimes do not want to go in, because I sentiency as granting that is their ontological besides their business, but a bundle of times they will make it the public’s business when they start posting things on social media sites, which they know are followed by their fans, so why I would sentience bad for constantly being in love with entertainment news and the drama that comes along with it – I beget not idea.

It was sic funny to see Kim Kardashian get on Instagram and post an almost naked picture of herself, trying to prove to the world and her fans that she is back on path and in shape after giving birth to the daughter of both she and rapper/producer Kanye West. While I thought that was a restraint extreme, there is any one better at shrewd what entertainment news will run viral, better than Kim Kardashian and the whole Kardashian tribe. That picture got the socialite starlet a lot of flak, flak which she seemed to have enjoyed, as long-drawn-out as it did what she set out to do, and that was grab headlines on every website, every blog and every radio personalities mouth had her name in it, anteriority that day was over. That is what plebeian who know the importance of an treat account headline does and how it converts to dollars, ultimately.

While there is no doubt, bout entertainment news portals are better than others at dishing the facts, we each cannot help but pick up a National Enquirer or an InTouch Weekly, knowing that their facts about some celebrities are a bit distorted. Nonetheless, it does what an celebration news piece should do – ENTERTAIN! Well, I will keep being a news connoisseur – not of world news, nonetheless regarding news in the entertainment sector.