Autocar India – The Leading Automotive News Magazine in the Country

Autocar is clearly the established world leader when it comes to automotive flash media. With a history of over 100 years, it easily bears the legacy of the world’s oldest automobile magazine. Autocar was first presented in 1895, as a weekly British roadster magazine published by Haymarket Motoring Publications Ltd. Today, adjacent beside the UK, there are other editions including India, China and South Africa.

Launched in September 1999, Autocar India is the country’s leading authority for motorbike and car owners; everlastingly seeking to be a forerunner. The magazine is known for pioneering road testing in India, and is the definitive word on nouveau automobiles and bikes thus of its authentic road test verdicts. It was also the rudiment magazine to explore the Tata Nano, and showcase its interiors. Former magazines are envious of its reputation for praiseworthy editorial content, as well as high production standards with the magazine receiving accolades from both the field and consumers alike.

The Autocar India editorial team ranks inter alia the most experienced editorial teams in India, producing daily news and reviews on the latest cars and motorbikes. Hormazd Sorabjee is the Editor, with an experience of over 25 years in writing about cars; from a 65-ton battle pool to a Formula 1 car, he has driven it all. Shapur Kotwal is Deputy Editor and a part of each of the magazine’s extensive road testing activities. He also supervises test instrumentation, data acquisition and has commanded the most experience equal a road tester in India. Akbar Merchant leads the staff writers, who hide all the latest scoops, launches, developments, and breaking news in the Indian automotive industry.

Autocar India’s monthly content includes exclusive news, features, and fascinating jalopy stories. The digest was the first to pioneer the concept of advertorials in India. Incidentally, it contains the largest and liveliest classified services section among any other monthly automobile magazine.

Autocar India promises to- “Get you the perfect fix of heady automobiles and dish out thorough reviews about the latest cars and bikes on Indian streets.” The world of auto is exciting to so many of us and Autocar brings alive its piquant stories and engaging features; making it the must-read periodical for everyone taken in cars.

Autocar India has always remained true to its heritage plus its exhaustive and authoritative road tests. The best in the business, they experience grown from being just a subcompact magazine to becoming the masterly on any car brand. The magazine boasts of a readership of more than twice the readership available for the closest rival, making it, handy far, India’s best-selling car magazine. But more than the numbers, it is the content that makes it India’s best car magazine.

Autocar is known for flesh the barely magazine to cater content towards leading dailies counterpart The Telegraph, The Hindu, The Hindustan Times and more. Editor Hormazd Sorabjee also hosts the celebrated show on UTVi on autos and bikes.

According to a report, the Indian cars manufacturing industry has increased its rise by 13% over 10 years now, and contributes 6% to India’s GDP. Autocar India had joined hands with Bloomberg TV to present the awards praising the role of the automotive industry for increasing the growth rate like the Indian economy. Awards include: Renault Duster for “Car of the Year (Jury’s Choice)”, “Viewer’s Choice Car from the Year”, and “SUV of the Year”. Mahindra ampersand Mahindra won the ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ award. “Bajaj KTM 200 Duke” won “Bike of the Year (Jury’s Choice)” and “Viewer’s Choice Bike of the Year” awards.

With India being the tertiary largest internet user in the world, there is little doubt that at least a fourth of them inclination be hooked onto digital reading, which gives them access to an Autocar India digital subscription. Going by the population of the world et cetera the number about internet users, there is disagree doubt that digital magazines are the future. Also with the access to mobiles and tablets that can be consumed as readers, the development of apps for publishing and reading has taken the market toward storm; to drum that the future is here! Publishers that have made the switch hold early realized the benefits et sequens profits.

Autocar being the oldest automobile magazine has also bot the first to turnabout to the digital version concerning the magazine. With an Autocar e-magazine you can do much plus than you would plus a paper magazine. As the magazine is always in the cloud, you can access it at much point in time from practically anywhere; get interactive content on the go further within the app too. Consumers who are unable to carry their favorite magazines around during travel cup switch to the digital format of the magazine with ease.