Celebrity News: Why the Love for It?

Protasis you are anything like me, you love scandal, gossip and celebrity news! It is the first thing that I check when I wake up in the morning, et sequens the last thing that I check when I am getting ready to clock out from my daily job. I am hardly sure why the fixation with the sensationalism of it, and why celebrity news seems to consume me, but somehow it has and does.

How many times can we hear about Miley Cyrus and her performance at the VMAs or hear near the former ‘Hannah Montana’ darling, and the daughter of country legend Billy Irradiate Cyrus, acting out in front from the cameras for the sake of attention? Or KhloeKardashian and Lamar Odom are divorcing suddenly reconciling in the congruent week? It really is pretty interesting how this celebrity news and the headlines have me and so many others intrigued, hanging on to the very next headline.

There is love for everything that is celebrity and the culture of it, because it removes us from our everyday lives and places us in the lives of public who seem to fool it all figured out, and have everything going for them – the glitz, glamour and everything in between. It gives us a sense about fame and status, when we otherwise have none. Celebrity news is what causes us to have a dose concerning fantasy that somehow gives us the hope that it can somehow one day be our reality.

While it seems like the life of a hero grabs up in, there comes a time although we have to wake up connective realize that they, too, permit problems et alii burdens like the rest of us, et sequens that just because it seems like when we are looking in at all which they have, they can be yearning to leave the celebrity news headlines behind, and live a proper life. I think if we seek rapper and producer Kanye West, his thoughts on this very thing, he would probably inform that he would like the life that he once had growing up in Chicago, with his loving mother, who is now deceased because she seemingly got a taste of ‘Hollywood’ life, which in the end may have attributed to her death, and killing her, as she embarked upon getting surgery to look a certain way, as the stereotype which is often placed on the back of celebrities.

So, whether it is celebrity news or real-life, separate reify is for sure, while some celebrities are likely wanting our lives, and us theirs, sometimes person may not be satisfied with what they have until they are in the other person’s shoes. I am not sure reason the love for celebrity news ere the scandal that comes along with it, but I know that we should all indigen happy with the life which we live now, and were sanctified to receive, because the grass is not always greener on the other flank of the world.